hairball treatment solutions
Exhibit A: Vomiting cat.

When it comes to seeking out the best hairball treatment for cats, there are a myriad of options available at your disposal. Which one is the most appropriate one for your cat varies, depending upon your unique situation. There is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to treating your cat’s incessant hairball problem. What works well for one cat may not work as well for another. And what might be more practical and convenient for one pet owner may not be as practical and convenient for another.

It may very well take a great deal of trial and error to figure out what is the best solution. Therefore, as a pet owner, it is imperative that you are patient with your cat, as it may take a series of successive failures before you finally find the solution that works best for you. Cats, as a species, are particularly prone to the development of hairballs. What do you think happens to cats out in the wild, devoid of any human intervention? There is nobody to treat them. Hairballs are an inevitable part of being a cat.

But we as pet owners can do our part to alleviate the aggravation that both cat and cat-owner face, in this mutual relationship between human and animal. We want our cats to be happy, healthy, and content. Yet at the same time, we don’t want our furniture, our carpeting, and our linens to get riddled with cat vomit either.

Hairball Treatment For Cats: Attacking The Problem At Its Source

Before you try to spend on some medicated solution to your cat’s hairball problem, you may want to first try to identify the cause of your cat’s hairball problem and see if you can resolve the situation naturally. Even if you aren’t able to eliminate the problem completely, you can certainly seek to minimize the frequency of hairball expulsion episodes.

One of the most effective ways to prevent your cat from developing hairballs is to attack the problem at its root in the first place. What are hairballs? Cats are instinctively wired to groom themselves. They do this by licking their own fur. The inevitable fallout from constantly licking themselves is that strands of their loose fur will stick to their tongue, and they will swallow it.

A few bits and pieces of fur here and there may seem harmless, but if they do not pass through the cat’s digestive track, then the fur can accumulate over time, and form a lumpy mass of fur. This is similar to having your hair accumulate in the shower or the sink drain over time. It can eventually form a large mass of hair and eventually clog your sink.

Proper Grooming: The Most Effective Form Of Hairball Treatment

hairball treatment solutions
Brushing your cat, using the FURminator, can be a pleasant bonding experience for you and your cat.

The single-most effective hairball treatment for cats is to simply prevent hairballs from forming in the first place by grooming the cat. If you take the time out to thoroughly brush your cat’s fur regularly, you will see a difference.

Challenges When It Comes To Grooming

There are a number of logistical issues with grooming your cat on a regular basis:

Grooming can be an extremely time-consuming activity.

hairball treatment solutions
FUN FACT: Cats spend most of their lives sleeping, and a significant portion of their waking time grooming themselves.

It is by no means as simple as pushing a button or flicking a switch. It cannot be a hurried activity. You have to be patient. It can take several minutes of concerted effort to brush your cat. For maximum effectiveness of your efforts, you would want to brush it all over… its mane, its back, its sides, its tale, and even its belly (if the cat will let you!) You may need to brush over the same spot multiple times, in order to make sure that you have removed all the loose fur. This can take anywhere from five minutes to fifteen minutes, depending on the type of brush that you use, how effective your brushing technique is, and the mood of your cat. So if you have a busy schedule, then carving out the time to devote to your cat can prove to be a logistical challenge.

Not all cat brushes are created equal. You will find that some brushes are more effective than others, at extracting loose fur. Some can be extremely irritating to your cat. Some can be extremely be soothing. And some may be suitable for certain types or lengths of cat fur, more so than others.

Your cat has to be in the mood.

Cats can be moody. Don’t assume that your cat is up for brushing anytime 24×7. You have to wait until your cat is cooperative and in the right mood. This can be challenging if you only have limited time to spend with your cat in a 24 hour period. If your cat is extremely fussy, perhaps the only option is to stealthily brush it in its sleep.

How you brush your cat can make a difference.

Brushing your cat is a skill. The stroking technique that you use can make a difference in how effectively you are able to remove fur. Ideally you want to maximize the amount of fur that you are able to remove with minimal effort and perturbation.

Disposal of cat fur can be a messy problem

With each stroke, fur is being accumulated on the brush. At some point, the brush is going to get saturated, and you are going to need to dispose of it. How can you do this in the most efficient way possible? You have to somehow get all of the fur to disentangle itself from each brush bristle, and you have to make sure that it falls directly into an appropriate trash receptacle. And you need to be able to do this in such a way that the fur does not end up getting billowed and buffeted by a puff of wind, and landing elsewhere other than in the trash!

Alternative Hairball Treatments For Cats

Grooming is an effective way to tackle hairball problems at their root (no pun intended). But this is merely a preventative measure. What if your cat’s hairball problem is so severe that it vomits constantly? In that case, you may need to look into more invasive solutions, such as dietary treatments, or even medication.

Introducing The FURminator: The Best Hairball Treatment For Cats

hairball treatment solutions
The FURminator is a popular, widely recommended, an highly effective tool for warding off potential hairballs.

The FURminator is among the best brushes for cats, specifically designed to make the whole process of grooming your cat pleasant for all parties involved: human and feline. This brush saves you copious amounts of time, and streamlines the whole process of brushing and disposing of fur. Just as importantly, it also makes your experience more comfortable, with its ergonomic grip. Most importantly of all, it makes the whole grooming experience more comfortable and pleasant. (Or if your cat is extremely sensitive, it minimizes the annoyance to your cat).

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