Cat Furball Treatments
No, not this type of cute and furry “furball”! We are talking about the kind of furballs that form in your cat’s stomach, this interfering with the digestive process.

Furballs. The very mention of this word conjures up images of cute little balls of furry bundles of joy, softly purring and snuggling up to you. But those are not the types of furballs you are looking for, are you? You are looking for cat furball treatment solutions. And these types of furballs are anything but cuteThese are the very antithesis of cute. These are the types of furballs that you don’t want to have anything to do with. You want to be able to avoid them, quite literally, like the plague.

So if your cat is suffering from a case of furballs being lodged in its digestive tract, and it keeps vomiting up frequently, then you should know that the solution to this predicament is actually quite ridiculously simple. There is no need for you to pack up your cat in a cat carrier and shuttle it over to your local veterinarian, for a costly examination and a prescription of expensive medication.

When it comes to the various cat furball treatment options available, there are many “home remedies” you can enact and administer on your own, that should eradicate your cat’s furball woes in no time. Not only will these eliminate your cat’s current bout with furballs, but with a bit of consistent application of these solutions mentioned hereunder, you should find that your cat is vomiting less and less, and is able to live a furball-free life.

So let’s get right to it, shall we?

Ridiculously Simple Cat Furball Treatment Remedy #1: Brush Your Cat Regularly

Brushing your cat on a regular basis can work wonders in terms of sparing your cat the misery, anguish, and discomfort of having to regurgitate furballs. Not only that, but can save you the headache of having to clean up after your cat, and also save your furniture from needless ruin as well.

Brushing can be done daily, twice a week, weekly, or even twice a month or monthly. It all depends on your schedule as well as how much fur your cat typically sheds. And each session of brushing can last anywhere from 5 minutes to as long as you can muster up the strength, before you either get tired, or you start suffering from a repetitive motion injury (lol).

Be sure that your cat is in the mood for brushing though. It may be best to do it while your cat is asleep. Attempting to brush your cat while it is in a hyperactive mood may obviously not work so well (although it may end up being a good cardio workout for you to attempt to keep up with brushing your cat while chasing it across your home).







Finding Time To Brush Your Cat

If you are really pressed for time with your busy schedule, or you just can’t seem to tame your cat long enough to be able to properly brush it, then perhaps you may want to schedule an appointment with a local cat grooming service and pay someone else to do it for you.

Brushing may seem incredulous and counter-intuitive when you consider that cats already groom themselves all day long. But the rationale behind us humans manually intervening and brushing them, is to remove the excessive fur off of their bodies before they have a chance to lick them up and swallow them.

Does that make sense?

Now on to idea #2….

Ridiculously Simple Cat Furball Treatment Remedy #2: Bathe Your Cat Regularly

Now I know what you are thinking: Don’t cats hate water? Cats already lick themselves clean with their own tongues, so why would we humans ever need to bathe them?

cat furball treatment - bathing
Bathe your cat regularly to reduce hairballs.

Well, the fact of the matter is that if your cat has loose fur on its body, then bathing it is a good way to exfoliate and expunge all of that. You will of course need a good pet shampoo, and you will need to use a good cat brush that can be used to scrub your cat’s fur. You could of course opt to use your own hands to wash your cat, but then you would not be able to scrub your cat’s fur as vigorously as needed, to remove any loose fur. The shampoo that you use should also be one that helps to promote a healthy coat of fur, and reduce shedding.

This may be challenging. Every cat is different. Some cats are OK with water. And there are some cats that cannot tolerate it. Some cats may be OK with water, but only after the initial shock of getting wet wears off, and they become accustomed to it.

You may choose to either use a shower head to spray your cat, or you could simply use a mug to pour water in and out of a bucket. It is really a matter of preference, and what can help to make the experience more tolerable (and pleasant) for your cat.

Again, if you are pressed for time, or you just don’t have the means to keep your cat still in the bathtub, then perhaps you could consider outsourcing the job to a cat grooming service who can do it for you.



Ridiculously Simple Cat Furball Treatment Remedy #3: Put Your Cat On A Diet

As it turns out, humans are not the only living beings who need to watch what we eat. Cats can overeat just like we humans do.

If your cat is suffering from frequent bouts of furball-induced vomiting, then you may need to put your cat on a diet.

“Out of sight, out of mind.”

If you were to leave a bowl of food out for your cat all day long (which is not uncommon for many pet owners who are out of the house all day long due to work or whatnot), then your cat will graze multiple times a day and eventually finish it all (unless it is sleeping all day).

But by limiting your cat’s meals to fixed quantities, at fixed intervals, it will only eat the amount allotted it. 

Where am I going with this, and what does this have to do with cat furball treatment?

Since a massive accumulation of fur trapped in your cat’s stomach forms a huge semi-solid “wad” of mass, this can result in a blockage of your cat’s digestive system, or at least a slow-down, or a “traffic jam”.

The impending result of this blockage is that it may take longer for your cat to digest its food. This means that only smaller quantities of food can be digested at a time. Whereas, if your cat consumes too much food at once, before it has had a chance to digest the food that it had eaten previously, then it could result in your cat vomiting up the excess food. (The same thing can apply to humans as well.)

An Experiment

Therefore, it would be a good idea to put your cat on a diet. You can restrict its food intake by controlling its portion size.

How long would you need to do this? This could be a temporary solution, while your cat’s furball is fully expelled from its body through excretion. Or it could very well be a lifestyle change for both you and your cat.

One of my cats went through a phase where it would vomit literally every day… We used to leave out a full day’s supply of food in the food bowl. (We were too lazy to check up on it and refill it multiple times daily.) As an experiment, I restricted its food intake, by filling it up with significantly less food in the morning. We would then not refill it again until the evening, even if it became empty.

The result? My cat would finish the food bowl in one sitting, and then eventually settle down for its nap… She would then not eat again until night time. Guess what? My cat stopped vomiting altogether! Easy solution!

Portion control really works, folks!

Ridiculously Simple Cat Furball Treatment Remedy #4: Cat Treats 

The last of the ridiculously simple cat furball treatment remedies that I wanted to mention here was that you could give your cat treats to help it overcome its furball problem. Pay a visit to your local pet store, and head over to the cat treats section. There should find a variety of cat treats that are specifically formulated to treat hairballs.

If you aren’t sure where to find these or what to look for, just look on the labels. Usually it says right there “Hairball Control”  or something similar, to that effect. When in doubt, you could even ask someone who works there at the pet store.

As a cat owner, you know that your cat loves treats! They are so savory, delicious, and addicting (to cats)!

Most typically, you might find that cat treats are akin to “junk food”. But that is not the case with hairball treatment cat treats. These contain essential ingredients that help to promote digestion. This in turn aids in breaking down the fur that is lodged in your cat’s digestive tract…. Fiber is recommended not only for humans, but also for cats, in order to promote more efficient digestion!



Which Cat Furball Treatment Solution Is Best?

There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution, when it comes to cat furball treatment. The aforementioned treatment options are all proven to work… But what may work more effectively for one cat, may not be as effective for another cat. This is just as much a function of the method itself as it is a function of your cat’s behavior. It may also depend on the severity of your cat’s furball affliction. It also depends on the impact it is having on your cat’s appetite and mood.

Your best bet would be to try each solution and see what works best for your particular situation. When in doubt, you can and should always consult with a veterinarian. But before visiting the veterinarian, you ought to give these tried and true simple strategies a try!

Best of luck! 

I would love to hear your feedback: Have you have tried any of these solutions? If so, how well they have worked (or not worked) for you?

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