There a number of natural cat hairball remedies that you can add to your arsenal, in your struggle to fend off your cat’s frequent bouts of vomiting. Rather than rushing your cat over to the local veterinarian, you can save your precious money and time, by applying some of the tips that I will be sharing with you below.

Believe me when I tell you that dealing with cat hairballs is indeed a nuisance and inconvenience more than anything. It is seldom, if ever, the case that there is something wrong with your cat that would necessitate seeking medical attention, when it comes to dealing with frequent vomiting.

Cats are hard-wired to lick themselves, and unfortunately, one of the unintended consequences of this instinctive act of self-grooming, is the ingestion of their own fur in the process. If certain conditions are not met, then it your cat may very well be prone to having their swallowed fur get stuck in their digestive tract, as opposed to passing through normally.

Good News and Bad News

There is some good news and there is some bad news with respect to this fact:

The good news is that nature’s way of eliminating the fur that gets stuck in this manner, is for it to be regurgitated through the vomiting reflex.

The bad news is also that nature’s way of addressing this issue happens to be vomiting, as well! (Pun intended!)

But seriously: The bad news is actually that if hairball vomiting is left unchecked and begins to increase in frequency, then this could be a telltale sign, foreboding a worsening of your cat’s condition.

Therefore, it would behoove you to be proactive about addressing this issue as soon as possible.

Read on, for 3 natural cat hairball remedies:

Natural Cat Hairball Remedy #1: Brushing

Cat Brushing - How To Prevent Cat Hairballs
The FURminator (shown in this picture) is a popular brush that can be used to prevent hairballs.

How many times a day does your cat lick itself? While there is no fixed, specific answer, anyone who owns a cat, can attest to the fact that it sure seems like they spend pretty much half of their waking life with tongue extended, and running it all over various parts of its own body. (If you own multiple cats, you may even find them licking each other’s fur.)

So you might think that with each lick, if a trace amount of fur is being shed from their skin and being swallowed, then at some point, the shedding of loose fur would stop, wouldn’t it?

It sure may not seem the case, and the truth of the matter is that cats inevitably and inescapably shed their fur all the time. There is no getting around this.



The Furminator Deshedding Tool

But as a pet owner, one thing you can do to stave off any hairball problems, is for you to remove your cat’s loose fur before your cat does! In other words, you need to get to your cat’s fur before it does! Before your cat has a chance to lap up their own fur, you should plan to spend some quality time every day, brushing your cat. The Furminator Deshedding Tool is an excellent brush that gets the job done well.

By manually removing your cat’s fur proactively in this manner , you will be able to reduce the amount of fur that your cat might otherwise swallow up.

It might seem tedious to have to do this every day. But it need not be a burdensome or laborious task. Just a couple of minutes a day, with consistency and frequency, ought to do the trick. You need not spend lengthy sessions engaged in brushing your cat.

If every day won’t work for you, due to your busy schedule, then even twice a week, or even once a week may be fine, just as well.

The key here is consistency and frequency. Insofar as natural cat hairball remedies are concerned, this is one of the most proactive, in terms of prevention.

Natural Cat Hairball Remedy #2: Proper Diet

Cat Diet - Natural Cat Hairball Remedies
Is your cat eating a proper diet?

Nutrition plays a huge role in the overall health of your cat; it goes without saying that the health of your cat’s fur also depends on its dietary and nutritional intake.

By ensuring that your cat is eating a healthy diet that consists of all of the essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and other essential nutrients that it needs, you will be able to affect a positive change in your cat’s tendency to shed its fur. As a consequence, your cat may end up shedding its fur with less frequency.

Further more, if your cat’s food intake includes a diet rich with fiber, then this can also help to improve its digestive health as well. This is very important, for ensuring that any fur that is ingested by your cat, is able to be processed by its gastrointestinal tract, and can thusly be excreted normally, as opposed to being vomited.


Making Feeding Time Fun

Did you know that there are hairball control remedies that are disguised as cat treats? Who says that medicines have to be yucky? Cats love cat treats. And what better solution is there to cure your cat’s hairballs, than with delectable and savory cat treats? Check it next time you visit the pet store!


Portion Control

Believe it or not, one simple way to help alleviate vomiting is to impose a little bit of portion control.

If your cat eats too much when there are already hairballs in its stomach, it might just end up vomiting.

On the other hand, by reducing your cat’s food intake, this could reduce your cat’s likelihood of vomiting. Its digestive system can focus on processing and then expunging the hairball that has become lodged stubbornly in its tract.

Portion Control Options

Portion control can be achieved in either one of two different ways:

a) Giving your cat less food at each meal.

b) Spacing out the frequency at which you give your cat food.

The corollary to option “b” above, is that if you are a pet owner who generally tends to leave out a full day’s supply of food in their food bowl, all day long, this could be contributing to and exacerbating the problem.

If you aren’t home all day, then this may be easier, since you won’t be home to refill it.

But it might be wise for you to experiment with giving your cat just enough food, for it to tide itself over through the morning. After all, since cats are nocturnal, chances are that your cat is just going to sleep throughout most of the day, while you are out of the house.

If you leave too much food out for your cat, then it could overeat, by grazing all day long. This overeating can be a recipe (pun intended) for disaster, and can trigger one or more vomiting episodes.

Natural Cat Hairball Remedy #3: Bathing Your Cat

Cat Bathing - Natural Cat Hairball Remedies
Bathing your cat can help to remove excess fur.

Why should you bathe your cat, if it already constantly grooms itself with its own saliva seemingly 24-7?

Again, being proactive about extricating and disposing of your cat’s loose fur makes a difference! Bathing your cat is another way to address the issue.

By bathing your cat, you will be able to help washing away and rinse off any loose fur. Through the generous and vigorous application of pet shampoo, you will be able to help exfoliate any loose fur.

Of course this advice depends on your individual cat’s personality. Some cats may not take too kindly to water, whereas others may relish the experience of a nice warm bath. So this is a technique that you may want to experiment with, and see whether it works for your cat.

No doubt, bathing your cat regularly can go a long way in helping to prevent fur accumulation within its belly.


Natural Cat Hairball Remedies
The verdict is in: Being proactive with natural cat hairball remedies can make a difference.

Vomiting may seem like an innocuous activity, and it largely is. However, the act of vomiting can be traumatizing or stressful for your cat. Furthermore, it would also be horribly inconvenient and problematic for you as a pet owner.

Let’s face it: It is no picnic having to pick up after your cat’s vomit. Having to clean up the residue and stains left behind on the floor carpet, or furniture is no fun. While cats may instinctively know that they need to bury their urine and feces, unfortunately vomit is not included.

Try one of these tips above and let me know what you think. Have you tried any of these? Did they work for you? Be sure to leave your comments below! I will be sure to respond to your messages.

Through the implementation of each of the aforementioned natural cat hairball remedies, your cat will soon experience much needed relief.


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